Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started: Onboarding and Training Resources 

    1. Responding: Getting Started Onboarding Guide
    2. What do I need to do as an Invited Responder?
  2. New Features 

    1. What do I need to know about RFP360 Account plans?
    2. How do I merge knowledge library records?
    3. How do I merge related questions in the knowledge library?
    4. What are RFP360 Notifications and how do they work?
    5. What is Marketplace360 and how does it work?
  3. General 

    1. New User FAQ
    2. Why am I not getting emails from RFP360?
    3. How do I unlock locked out users as an Administrator?
    4. How do I update password rules for users?
    5. What are some basics about the Home page I should know as I get started?
  4. Users 

    1. How do I add users?
    2. What is an account owner?
    3. What are the different user roles?
    4. How do I resend an invitation to a team member?
    5. Can I add a User from within my Proposal Outline?
  5. Responding: Task Management 

    1. How do I change the writer?
    2. How do I change the approver?
    3. How are users notified?
    4. How do I assign Proposal tasks to team members?
    5. How can I track tasks that are completed late?
  6. Responding: Managing a Proposal 

    1. How do I create a new Proposal?
    2. Administrator basics when starting a Proposal
    3. Can I create a Proposal that has Sub-sections?
    4. We've been invited to a Profile or RFP. Where is my invitation email?
    5. How do I copy an existing proposal?
  7. Responding: Importing RFPs 

    1. How do I navigate and select cells with the Excel RFP Import page?
    2. What tips do you have for the Excel Import?
    3. How do I export my Excel Import back out into the original workbook?
  8. Responding: Responding to RFPs 

    1. I got an email invite to participate in an RFP. Now what?
    2. How do I assign the RFP to another person?
    3. How do I find my proposals?
    4. How do I decline an RFP Invitation?
    5. How do I assign tasks to my team?
  9. Responding: Managing the Knowledge Base 

    1. What am I able to see with the Knowledge Dashboard?
    2. What is the knowledge library?
    3. How do I create knowledge?
    4. How do I save responses to the knowledge library?
    5. How do I configure saving to the knowledge library?
  10. Responding: Managing KnowlEDGE 

    1. What is KnowlEDGE (auto-answer) and how do I get started?
    2. What are the current limitations of KnowlEDGE?
    3. What are the differences between Auto, Multi, and Suggested KnowlEDGE?
    4. How do particular roles play into effect of KnowlEDGE's use?
    5. How does Auto Answer affect the status of Responses?
  11. Issuing: Issuing an RFP to Vendors 

    1. Getting Started - evaluating vendors with RFP360
    2. What is the RFP Dashboard?
    3. How do I create a new RFP, RFI or Profile?
    4. How can I link an RFP to a Profile?
    5. How do I edit the name of my RFP?
  12. Issuing: Scoring an RFP / Profile  

    1. What is on my RFP/Profile Scoring By Vendor page?
    2. What do my scorers need to do?
    3. How do I configure RFP scoring?
    4. Can I hide the scoring criteria from respondents?
    5. How do I assign scorers to an RFP?
  13. Issuing: RFP Library 

    1. What's in my Library and how do I use it?
    2. How do I create a table to use in my RFP for my vendors to fill out?
    3. I've created a Table, now I need to use it in an RFP. How do I do that?
    4. How do I create a pricing table to use in my RFP?
    5. How do tables export?
  14. Issuing: Managing Vendors 

    1. What is a Vendor Profile, why would I use one?
    2. How do I set up a Vendor Profile?
    3. How do I delete a Vendor Profile?
    4. Can I edit my Vendor's Profiles?
    5. How do I add Vendor Companies and Contacts?
  15. Client Discovery: Managing Client Discovery 

    1. What is Client Discovery?
    2. How do I add a Client Contact?
    3. How do I add Clients on the fly?
    4. How do I link a Client Discovery to an RFP?
    5. How do I make client responses to Sections/Questions visible or not to Vendors?
  16. Client Discovery: Responding as a Client 

    1. Accepting an invite to your Discovery
    2. How do I begin once I am in the Discovery?
    3. How do I get others added to either write responses or read questions/responses in a Discovery Doc?
    4. I am finished with my Discovery responses... what next?
    5. How do I set writers/approvers or experts within my Discovery?
  17. All articles 

    1. I got an email invite to participate in an RFP. Now what?
    2. How do I change the writer?
    3. How do I add users?
    4. How do I create a new Proposal?
    5. Getting Started - evaluating vendors with RFP360

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