Can I view the emails and notifications sent to my users?

When working on an RFP or Proposal with your team, there are occasions where users fail to receive their notifications or emails for one reason or another (or perhaps it gets buried or deleted). Account Administrators that assign out tasks, message their team members or send other reminders can have a quick look at exactly what content was sent, to whom and when. 

Select the Users option from the right-hand corner drop-down menu under your name. Click on the user whose information you'd like to view, and then this page shown below opens up, including 3 tabs at the top: Profile | Permissions | Communication

Click on the Communication tab and the view below will open. 

Once you click on any of the envelope icons in the Content row, a text box will open displaying the email or notification sent, including any attached links. 

Are you or other users still not seeing RFP365 emails? If so, check: Why am I not getting emails from RFP360?

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