How do I upload RFP questions from Word or a PDF?

RFPs come in many sizes and formats. In addition to our traditional Excel upload template, you have the option to upload a new proposal directly from a Word document. With a few clicks, you will be able to match the original RFP's format much closer than ever before. 

You can read the steps below or watch the short video here:

When you start the upload, RFP360 creates the proposal and then opens up a mapping screen
Choose the Import RFP option and then point RFP360 to your Word or PDF document. 

**Please note this needs to be the newer .docx format and we recommend converting a PDF to .docx prior to import.

Start a new Proposal and select Import RFP. Click on the Word/Excel/PDF icon button to browse for your .docx, .xlsx or PDF, and then select your document. Once you select the file, it will appear below the icon and click the CREATE YOUR PROPOSAL to begin mapping over your proposal. 

On the Import page, there is a  Legend that will help guide you through the import process: 

Protip: We encourage following the order of the Legend by identifying the Sections, followed by the Questions, and lastly any merged questions.


Click the Sections button and start identifying sections by right-clicking the appropriate text:


Next, click the Questions button and do the same as with Sections by right-clicking: 

Merged Questions

Identify the questions that should be under an umbrella question. Hover over the Q icon and choose the Merge Up option:

What do I do if I need to make a change to a selection? 

Any selection may be removed by hovering over the icon to the left and clicking the Remove option that appears:


If your document has a table you will want to set the columns for your questions and answers. Once you set the columns you will click Set Columns. In a table you will NOT select a Section. The Section will not carry over into the Outline.

Note: If your Word doc has a table you have to complete, the table will be created in its own section in RFP360. You will pull together your responses and RFP360 will export back out into the table as needed. 

When all looks good, select the Save & Import button in the upper right-hand corner. You will be taken back to the Outline to start working your proposal: 


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