What is KnowlEDGE (auto-answer) and how do I get started?

KnowlEDGE is an Auto Answer tool for previous Question/Response pairs that you have responded to previously. Basically, a bulk answer option for questions thanks to the help of your knowledge library that you have been building up.

We will start off by describing the various components at KnowlEDGE and then go into further detail in the various help articles:
  1. What are the differences between Auto, Multi, and Suggested KnowlEDGE?;
  2. How does Auto Answer effect statuses of Question/Responses changed with KnowlEDGE's use?;
  3. How do particular roles play into effect of KnowlEDGE's use?;
  4. What are the current limitations of KnowlEDGE with response types that are not text response?
Then as always, check out the Manage Knowledge Help Articles for making the most use of your content.

Getting started with KnowlEDGE:

Press the KnowlEDGE tab up above in the proposal headers:

From there - RFP360 will search for all of the Questions within your Proposal.

You'll see the "Questions Searched" bar load as the contents are searched and found. You'll also notice an Already Answered designation for Questions that are already in an Awaiting Approval state or a Complete/Accepted state.

To follow along to the next screen in the process, go to this link. Find your EDGE.

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