What are the differences between Auto, Multi, and Suggested KnowlEDGE?

Before we get into the details of each particular EDGE section, it is important to know that there is a best time to use the auto-answer feature known as KnowlEDGE. Our suggestion is to be aware of the various roles within the Proposal and how Administrators and Managers are able to override Contributors with KnowlEDGE who only have only been assigned to write. Click here for more information on how Roles affect KnowlEDGE. It is often most beneficial if you have a hefty knowledge library and you feel that the RFP/Profile that you have received contains a majority of similar content.


Auto KnowlEDGE: Looks into your knowledge library for exact questions with only 1 response - think "exact hit" on your keywords

Multi KnowlEDGE: Looks for exact questions with multiple responses - more like "closely related content" for your keywords

NOTE: Stop words (common words: a, the, etc.) don't effect Auto/Multi Knowledge, the reason those are multi knowledge is because the same question is duplicated in your Knowledge Base.

Suggested KnowlEDGE: Performs a broad search and displays the top responses - think "lots of options loosely based on keywords"

For more suggestions on how to keep your information up to date check out this blog: "Keeping Your Knowledge Library Updated"

Screenshots with more details:

Auto KnowlEDGE:

Multi KnowlEDGE

Suggested KnowlEDGE

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