How does Auto Answer affect the status of Responses?

When you use the auto-answer feature of KnowlEDGE, the responses impacted will change state. 
Note: KnowlEDGE is the feature that helps you answer questions in bulk, or as some say, automatically. 
Read more about KnowlEDGE here

KnowlEDGE and the effect on statuses: NS: Not Started, IP: In-Progress (Save Draft), PA: Pending Approval, R: Rejected, A: Approved.

NS: Once KnowlEDGE has been used it will take this Question to a PA or A state;

IP: Will append any used EDGE items onto the end of prior text based response;

PA: Once a Writer has Save & Completed the response and it not assigned as the Approver, Approvers do not have the ability to Append/Use EDGE items in this instance;

R: Will be re-entered into the KnowlEDGE pool and the use of EDGE items will append onto the end of prior text based responses,

A: Once here... you're good with the Question/Response unless for some reason you need to go backwards and Reject it, to edit it...

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