What are the current limitations of KnowlEDGE?

Placeholders do not work in bulk, yet.

We cannot set Placeholders in mass at this time from KnowlEDGE. You can port over the content if you would like, but do not forget to go in and change it for that Proposal.

Response types: Text, List, Table, responses and more:

Reminder that:

Self-initiated proposals can only see Text and List based response types.

Invited proposals could have Text, List, plus: Table, Date, File Attachment, Number, Scale
  • Text responses: KnowlEDGE is at its best with Auto Answering  text responses and should not come across but a few limitations

  • List responses we are currently only able to port over comments cleanly but the system does not do a great job at actually choosing your drop-down option, so realize that you will more than likely have to go through and select the appropriate drop-down option: ex: Yes, No, N/A, etc.
It is almost expected at this time, that these will not come through properly unless they are a perfect match which does not happen often:
  • Table responses we do not even show them in KnowlEDGE as they are extremely difficult to be mapped.

  • File attachment responses will port over properly if it is a 1:1 match from the KB, comments should port over for the comment section

  • Number responses will only port over properly if it is a 1:1 match from the KB

  • Scale responses will only port over properly if it is a 1:1 match from the KB

We are always looking for ways to improve our product and our offerings, so feel free to let us know how we can improve through here at support@rfp365.com, or our General Forum on what things we could improve to make your life even easier.

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