How do I import RFP questions from Excel?

If you get an RFP that is in Excel, do not worry as you can upload it into RFP360 and go to work as usual. Once you have completed your responses you'll simply export it back into the original source Excel document.

Just as you can with a Word Document (.docx) or a PDF (.pdf), you are now able to import your Excel (.xlsx) files. What's more, by importing the original Excel file, you can now export it out back into its original format and it will maintain the original formatting you received it in.

To bring in your import, start by creating a new Proposal (Import RFP):

1. Click on the orange NEW PROPOSAL button in the upper right-hand corner from your Proposals page. 

2. Fill out the various details on the following pages such as deadlines etc. 

3. Choose the Import RFP option to the left of the page featuring the Word, PDF and Excel logos within the button.

4. Click the blue Import RFP button and navigate out to your saved Excel spreadsheet/RFP.

5. Finally, click on the CREATE YOUR PROPOSAL button at the bottom of the page to upload your Excel spreadsheet or workbook. 

The next page will be a simple outline of the Excel Workbook with its sheets (accessible in the drop-down) and its rows and columns.  The Excel Import tool includes ways to map:

  • Sections
  • Questions
  • Responses - Manual/Knowledge 
  • Headers, etc.

If you get confused, simply press the Tour button, or see our additional step-by-step instructions on order (here) and navigation (here).

**Important Note** - one of the most important columns to map is the Response type (either Manual or Knowledge).  Even if your Excel source document doesn't have a dedicated column for you to put your responses, the system MUST have those cells provided, otherwise, none of your responses will be included in your Export, which is the whole point, to populate your client's Excel document with your responses.

For Response-Manual you will be able to easily identify those cells with the icon from within the cell.

If you place your cursor over the icon within the cell you will be able to see the Data Validation associated with that cell. 

You will see your Legend menu to your right as you go along. It will look like this, you can also hide it by pressing the "< Legend" text.


The Legend also has a Help Section tab that will give you links to helpful tips for importing an RFP from an Excel document.

Here are more tips on how to properly set up an Excel Import in RFP360 (previously linked to above as well).

Tips for Excel Import Suggested Order and Efficiency:

Excel Import: How to Navigate and Select Cells:

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