How do I navigate and select cells with the Excel RFP Import page?

Once you have Imported the RFP - you will see a simple formatted Excel Workbook, like this one below:

If you are having trouble follow the steps below but also see the "Important Notes:" section at the bottom of this page.


Cell selecting options:

You have several for making cell selections. You can:
  • Select by cell by simply clicking one cell
  • Select by clicking on the column (ex: A, B, C...) or row (ex: 2, 3, 4...)
  • By multiple cells by clicking and dragging your selection across cells
  • By selecting a cell and holding down Shift button then choosing range of cells by clicking or by the arrow keys
Once you have selected your desired cell(s), you can right-click on the selection to expose your options. Keep reading for more detailed instructions.

Individual Cell

If a cell is placed on a spreadsheet either in-between/next to others or sporadically throughout a column like our Section example below, it is best to select and identify those cells one at a time. 

Whole Row or Column

In the case where a group of data such as the Questions asked in an RFP below are arranged in a nice, organized column, all the data can be grabbed all at once by simply clicking the column header and assigning it a Selection. The system automatically overlooks empty cells when you use Sections and Questions.

The same can be done for a whole row that you wish to use. A good example of Selecting a whole row is if a spreadsheet has a group of required Headers that extend across multiple columns on the page.

Multiple Cells

If you need to select two or more cells without selecting the full column (or row):
  • You can do so by clicking and dragging your selection across cells
  • Or by selecting your cells and holding down shift and moving your arrow keys to your desired selection.


If you have multiple sheets/tabs, the number of sheets will be designated at the top left of the workbook, for example [Functional Grid] and the current sheet [Company & Sale Questions] will be present in the dropdown. Be sure to choose your preferred Sheet.


Two things here:
  1. You can use Ignore for some selections of Rows or Columns that have blank cells, for example for Sections/Questions/Headers will skip blank cells.
  2. Additionally, you can choose which cells you wish to keep ignoring. Bulk selections of Questions, Sections, Responses, Knowledge Responses, and Headers will be able to be chosen over Ignored cells.

Clear Selection:

Similar to Ignored, you can choose non-locked cells and clear the current designated import selection type. You can undo mistakenly selected cells this way and speed up the use of bulk selecting through the right-clicking of columns (ex: A, B, C...)

Locked Selections:
After you have gone through the options above and have IMPORT PROPOSAL. No changes can be made after import with your locked selections - unless you delete the questions/sections from the Outline itself. Doing so can be a bit complicated so you will want to be careful and thorough in your selections the first time around.

Reset Buttons

  • Reset Sheet:
    Will remove any non-locked selections from the current active sheet, no other sheets will be touched.

  • Reset Workbook:
    Will remove any non-locked selections from the entire workbook... every sheets' work - POOF! Gone.

    All locked cells will be spared and will not be touched.

                                           Important notes:

  1. Order matters for most effective use - see Help Article:

  2. At this time you CANNOT expect to use actions columns/rows over previously designated cells

  3. Merged cells can throw a monkey wrench into how cells get imported over. If you are not seeing all of the workbook's cells, then consider unmerge the cells of the original .xlsx workbook and try again.

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