How do I export my Excel Import back out into the original workbook?

Once you have responded to the desired amount of questions from your Excel RFP Import. The Export is ready to be set up.

To begin, select the Export tab from the Proposal Outline and choose one of the two Export buttons:

You will be prompted with these Export options including Exporting back into the Original Excel RFP. Please note, that it will only be as accurate as the cell selection and set up you did at the very beginning and the order in which you did your selections.

If there are any issues with the Export, see either of these two Help Articles that outline: 

Choose the Original Excel RFP (or a Proposal Template) and press the Export Proposal button: 

You will now be able to download your exported RFP .zip file with the contents that you have mapped over from the RFP Import tab and then filled out in the Outline. Be sure that you have the latest export which you can ensure by looking at the CREATE DATE:

Now check your .zip and the contents of the .xlsx workbook. That is it! Well done! 

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