What sort of security settings can be set in an account?

To access your Security settings you will need to go into your Accounts page which is Accessible by those who are either Administrators and Managers.

When you are in the Accounts page you will have to choose which Account you wish to configure the Security Settings of:

Select the Settings tab and you will next see the options and the ability to make changes to: 
  • The Maximum unsuccessful login attempts
  • How many Lockout Minutes for a particular user after they deplete their login attempts, 
  • The Minimum Password Length for your users,
Then which Password configurations you prefer for your account to have enabled:

☐ Passwords must contain a Capital letter
☐ Passwords must contain a Special character
☐ Enable a password reset frequency policy 
>> When you enable this, you will need to set the number of months in the field that expands right below

Our Security Settings will continue to grow as suggested by our users - please continue to pass along how we can continue to bulk up our Security settings for you and your company.

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