What is the best way to view my writing or approving tasks?

Once an RFP has been imported and set up in your team's account, one of the next steps for you Proposal's Point of Contact is to set up writing and approving tasks for the various sections and questions in the RFP.  

If you've been received an email notification saying you've been assigned some tasks in a Proposal, you can either click directly on the notification email link that you've been provided or, simply log in and go to your homepage in RFP360.  

On the right of the page will be a list of the tasks you've been assigned in different Profiles or Proposals. 

This graph will show you how many outstanding tasks you have and their various statuses such as "In Progress" or "Pending Approval". 

You can also change the view at any time from bar charts/graphs to a chronological listing of hyperlinks corresponding to the questions you've been tasked with. There are 2 icons in the upper right-hand corner of the My Proposal Tasks pane. The list view on the left displays individual questions and the Proposal they're in.  One click on these hyperlinks and you'll be taken directly into the heart of the Proposal, right into the Question you're writing or approving.  It's that easy!  

Once you finish your writing or approving and hit Save and Complete or Save and Approve, your task will drop off your list.  

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