How do I filter and search by tag in the knowledge library?

Use the filter action panel and search to swiftly locate content in your account. 

In the filter action panel under ☑ Tags, you have four advanced options for AND, OR, NOT, & NO TAGS
  • AND = This option allows you to filter by multiple tags assigned, thus narrowing your results.

    Example: Apply a tag filter for Client Success AND Support

  • OR = This option allows you to filter for Knowledge Base entries that have different tags assigned, thus broadening your results. 

    Example: Apply a tag filter for Support OR Vendor

  • NOT = This option allows you to filter out entries that omit a specified tag.

    Example: Apply a tag filter to show all records that are NOT Vendor, North America, or Support

  • NO TAGS = This option allows you to filter for by those that do not have any tags assigned

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