How can I link an RFP to a Profile?

Do you have an RFP that you will be sending out to vendors following their submissions of their Profile responses? 

You can link the two (or more) from the Optional Details upon setup of your RFP - or - you can do it afterward from the Details page of the RFP. This creates a clearer connection between the Profile and RFP. This will allow for you and your vendors to quickly switch between the Profile and RFP.

As you begin an RFP within the Optional Details screen you will see Link Profiles and a drop-down option for various Profiles that your company has created in the past.

Feel free to check the box for a single or multiple Profiles if there is a reason for doing so.

You can also add a link after you have published your RFP by clicking on the Details tab and selecting from the Linked Profiles drop-down.

Vendors will only see the Profiles on their side that they were previously invited to:

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