How do I get others added to either write responses or read questions/responses in a Discovery Doc?

As a Client, you are able to add others to your Team to assist you in the completion of your document. 

There are a few different ways you can go about this, we are going to focus on "Team Members":
But one of the use cases is to add a contact from the company sending you the Discovery. You can add them and anyone else that is in the RFP360 system if you know their email address. 

This is accessible through the Team Members feature on your Discovery Dashboard:

This means if you would prefer: 
  • For an individual on the Issuer team of the Client Discovery to have (Read) access to either have visibility to your responses - OR - have the ability to fill out your responses on your behalf (Read/Write access), that is a possibility.
  • For an individual on a team already within RFP360 that is part of another company account that you wish to include to respond on your behalf. An example would be consultants, subject matter experts (SMEs), etc.

The other option is to add a User onto your team if they are not previously within the RFP360 system. You can find out how to do this here: How Do I Add Users?

Continue onto this Help Article for any further clarification on setting up Writers/Approvers into the Workflow: "How do I set writers/approvers or experts within my Discovery?"

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