Can I filter through different statuses for Vendor Invitations?

You absolutely can! When you are on the Dashboard on your RFP you can now filter through different statuses (All, Declined, No Bid, Working, Submitted, Deleted) for you Vendor Invitations. 

When you are on the Vendor Invitations pane on the Dashboard click on "Select Status." A drop-down list of the different statuses will appear. 

Click the checkbox to the left of the statuses that you wish to see. You can select more than one status at a time. Only the statuses you select will appear on the Vendor Invitations pane. In this example, I have selected "Submitted." As you see, all the Vendors that have submitted their RFP are being displayed in the pane.

This is very helpful for when you have many vendors in a RFP or Profile. It helps you figure out who to nudge to complete their work or better understand who your most proactive vendors are.

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