Administrator basics when starting a Proposal

As you get started on the Proposal Outline in the Administrator role, it's important to know the basics as you begin collaborating with your team.

In this article we'll cover:

- Basic Navigation

- Applying Filters to View the Question Status and Assignment

- Assigning Writing/Approving Tasks

- Using the knowledge library to Respond

Getting Started: Basic Navigation

Use the sections navigation on the left-hand side to click through the different sections. The counters help you see how many questions are completed out of the total.

(i.e. 2/7 means there are seven questions in the section and two have been fully approved).  

While working your proposal, the center pane will show all the response statuses and assignees:

Want to learn more about the phrases of working a proposal? See this article here to view the various response statuses. 

Applying Filters to View the Question Status and Assignment

Tasks may also be filtered to see only tasks belonging to an individual and/or desired statuses to narrow results.

Assigning Writing/Approving Tasks

Once you've uploaded your Proposal or accepted an invitation to participate in an RFP or Profile, one of the next steps is to assign writing or approving tasks to your team members based on their areas of expertise.

There are a couple of options including assigning a whole section at a time or an individual question one at a time.

At the Section Level:

To do this, click on the Section name at the top middle of the page. On the right-hand panel, you can select the writer and approver. You can also set due dates. After making your sections, click the button to update. You'll see the writer/approver user initials change for all of the impacted questions. 

You can check in to specific questions to ensure the changes were made. Your new writers will be notified via email.

At the Question Level: 
Likewise, if you need to assign out an individual question, click directly on the question, which will highlight that question's area, and simply repeat the same selection process in the action menu off to the right. The icons that indicate status and task owners for that particular question will update and reflect your changes.

At either level, the Writer/Approver and Due Date for task emails to be sent may be set. If the User you wish to include on your account does not exist yet, you can press the Add a User button to add them on the fly.

Using the knowledge library to Respond

Automatically, the knowledge library is performing a keyword search, looking at the question to find any related results.

The default setting on an account is to save new content to the knowledge library automatically to build out your library organically behind the scenes. New content means that you didn't use the search engine to copy responses out of the knowledge library. This could be content you authored or copied from an external source. 

When you use content out of the knowledge library, the Save to knowledge base button turns itself we don't have duplicates.

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