How do I get started?

As you get started using RFP360, we first need to clarify some terminology
This is very important, as we offer tools for both parties in the RFP transaction. 
  • Do you issue RFPs to potential vendors in order to purchase goods or services?
  • Do you respond to RFPs from potential clients in order to sell them your goods or services?

RFP Issuers

If you are in procurement or are looking to purchase goods/services competitively, you are an issuer of RFPs. We offer lots of functionality to help you setup your RFP, engage vendors, and make some fact-based decisions.
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RFP Responders

If you are in sales or marketing and need to manage proposals, proposal content, and resources…you’ve also come to the right place. You are a responder, a writer of proposals. Some people call these tools Proposal Automation. We prefer to call this Proposal Management. 
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For both categories, you can always go in and set up or register your organization's account at any time here:

**Important Note** -  is your company's account already set up and are several of your colleagues users?  Then you do not need to create a new account.  Instead, ask them to add you as a user.  

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