How do I assign writing or approving tasks in bulk?

Once you've uploaded your Proposal or accepted an invitation to participate in an RFP or Profile, one of the next steps is to assign writing or approving tasks to your team members based on their areas of expertise. 

There are a couple of options including assigning a whole section at a time or an individual question one at a time.  

In a Proposal, you can assign all questions to a writer/approver in bulk at the Section level.

To do this, click on the Section name at the top middle of the page. On the right-hand panel, you can select the writer and approver. You can also set due dates. After making your selections, click the button to update. You'll see the writer/approver user initials change for all of the impacted questions. 

You can check in to specific questions to ensure the changes were made. Your new writers will be notified via email. 

Likewise, if you need to assign out an individual question, click directly on the question, which will highlight that question's area, and simply repeat the same selection process in the action menu off to the right. The icons that indicate status and task owners for that particular question will update and reflect your changes. 

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