How do I change the approver?

If you are looking to change the Approver within your proposal you may have just:
  • Accepted an invitation to respond to an RFP,
  • Created a new self-initiated Proposal,
  • Created a new Section,
  • Found out that a Question or Section does not actually relate to your expertise,
  • Completed with your portion of Approving but need another Approver to check the Question or Section to ensure it really is at an Accepted status

Within your Proposal Outline, to change an approver for a single question:

  1. Click on the Question and look at the second tab on the right-hand panel.
  2. You can change the approver and due dates - Workflow.
  3. To Save your changes, make sure to click on UPDATE ASSIGNMENTS.

If you want to do this in bulk (for all Questions in a Section)

  1. Click the Section name within your proposal Outline and notice it's highlighted in gray.
  2. The Default Workflow will look the same in the Action Panel as it does with a single question but now it will change all Questions in your selected Section.
  3. UPDATE ASSIGNMENTS when you have your preferred Writer, Approver, and Due Dates.

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