What are the different user roles?

Roles should be based on what users do for your team and how much access Administrators prefer for particular users to have.

Users can be assigned to one of 3 different roles: Contributor, Manager, or Administrator

1. Contributors
A Contributor is a team member whose job is to contribute when needed and can have the most limited access. 
  • For proposal-writing teams, a Contributor can write responses and/or manage knowledge.
  • For RFP-writing teams, a Contributor can write RFP questions and evaluate submitted proposals. Contributor can also manage re-usable Library content. 
Contributors cannot:
  • modify other users’ permissions
  • add new users
  • create new proposals or RFPs
Contributors can be allowed to interact with:
  • ALL projects (RFPs or proposals) or 
  • ONLY projects in which they’ve been assigned tasks. 
You can configure this when you add or modify users.
Note: Contributors can also re-assign tasks if they are not the right person for the task.

All Contributors have access to the knowledge library (for proposal writers) or the Library (for RFP writers) by default. So they can create and edit content as needed. If you want to restrict a Contributor’s access to the knowledge library, you have the following options:
  • Read and write access
  • Read only access
  • No access

2. Managers

A Manager is a resource who can start new projects (RFPs or proposals), add users, and edit questions/responses no matter to whom they are assigned.

Managers can do everything a Contributor can do, plus:
  • Invite new users and modify the permissions of Contributors
  • Create new proposals/RFPs and assign tasks to others

3. Administrators

Administrators are overseers of an account. You can have more than one Administrator, and we recommend this in case one cannot be reached.

Administrators can do everything Contributors and Managers can do, and they have a few unique permissions:
  • Modify billing plans
  • Update payment information
  • View invoices
Only Administrators can be the Owner of an account. The Owner is the one user that cannot be deleted.

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