How do I create a new RFP, RFI or Profile?

It's easy to create an RFP (or RFI or Profile) when you have some vendors whose capabilities you want to compare and maybe even score to make a data-driven decision. 

From within the RFP page on the left hand side of the page menu, click on the NEW RFP button in the upper right hand corner. If you need to create a Vendor Profile, follow these same steps, only from within the Profiles page on the same menu.  It's right underneath the RFPs page. 

Note: Only Administrators and Managers can create new RFPs. 
Creating a new RFP/RFI requires an RFP credit from your account. If you don't have enough credits in your account, you'll be taken to the Billing page.
Next there will be a series of pages that open up where info about the RFP can be entered.  Some are required fields and others are optional. 

This page also allows enabling Scoring the RFP or Profile from the very beginning. 

Here are the fields on page 2, including the option to add Tags to your RFP for easy categorization. 

The General Information page is where the Due Date is entered, and then options to publish a public link and view entries before the deadline, as well as selecting which Sub-Account (if applicable) you'd like to create the RFP or Profile in. 

There are a few ways to create your RFP, including starting from scratch or the Excel template with a Blank RFP. This is generally the first place to start if you're new or just Implementing RFP360. 

Library Templates or Existing Projects are for those who have been using RFP360 for awhile and have built up their Library and Templates over time. 

Next the RFP/Profile Dashboard will open. To continue to draft your document, click on the Write tile. 

Once the general outline opens of your RFP/RFI, you can find the Excel Upload template off to the right in the Action menu.  Click to open and download.  

For more information on HOW to fill out this spreadsheet, see ______ article next. 

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