How do I configure saving to the Knowledge Base?

By default, RFP360 prompts you to save newly written content to the Knowledge Base. But you can configure this setting at the Account level. 

Note: Only administrators can access the account configuration pages.

Here’s how it works

In the default setting, if a writer uses search results to respond to a question, the switch ‘Write response to Knowledge Base?’ is turned off. This means the approved response will not be written to the Knowledge Base, preventing a duplicate record from being created. 

If a writer crafts a new response (doesn’t use the search results), this switch remains off. So when the response is approved, RFP360 saves the question and response pair to the Knowledge Base for future use.

Account Configuration

If you are an administrator, you can change the default settings. By going to your Account page (under the name in the top-right corner), you can select the Account you desire. Under the Settings tab you’ll see the following option. 

By unchecking the box, the default setting is turned off. Now, when a writer crafts new responses the switch will remain off.

Manual save

With this default feature disabled, you can still write content to the Knowledge Base. If a writer or approver manually flips the switch, the content will still be written to the Knowledge Base upon approval. And, even after your proposal is complete, you can go through your responses and manually write those approved responses to the Knowledge Base. 

Just flip the switch and the question and response pair will be saved for future use. And, as a reminder, the content created will inherit any tags associated with the proposal. 

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