How do I create knowledge?

The knowledge library in RFP360 serves as a library for writers to search and use previous responses to help cut down on rewriting existing content from scratch each and every time in a proposal. 

Create Knowledge

Content is added to the knowledge library 4 different ways:

  1. Automatically Add Knowledge. New, approved responses in a proposal are automatically saved.
  2. Manually Add Knowledge.  If only a few entries need to be included, records may be added one at a time.
  3. Upload using our Excel Template. Writers can import content directly into the knowledge library from Excel spreadsheets.
  4. Import your Existing Knowledge (Word).  Have a Word proposal you have recently worked? Questions and responses may be mapped over from within our system. 

Let's Get Started

First, from the home screen, click on the Knowledge tab and Seach drop-down.

If you already have Knowledge items saved, your screen will look like the example below. Click on Add Content

You will be taken to the screen below and presented with 3 options. Click the blue button for the path you would like to take:

Manually Add Knowledge

Following selecting Create New button, you will be presented with a screen to add a question, response, and any related tags. 

Lastly, choose Save Knowledge to save the record to your knowledge library. 

Upload Using our Excel Template

After you click on the Use Excel Template button, you'll see some instructions and you can Download Excel Template.

This template is a spreadsheet with Question, Response, and optional Tag(s) as well as optional columns where other information such as Original Created date can be entered. Use the "Knowledge" page of the Excel workbook to populate data in the spreadsheet.

When the template is complete, click the Upload Completed Spreadsheet button and point the application at your saved spreadsheet.

Import your Existing Knowledge

Refer to this article here for step-by-step instructions for mapping over questions and answer pairs from a Word document.

As with any knowledge, once you add content it is available for your team members to use. 

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