How do I create Knowledge?

The Knowledge Base is the source of content for writers as they write responses in proposals.

Create Knowledge

Content is created in the Knowledge Base in 3 different ways:

  1. New, approved responses written in a proposal are automatically stored in the Knowledge Base.
  2. Writers can add content directly into the Knowledge Base.
  3. Writers can import content directly into the Knowledge Base using an Excel template.

Upload to the Knowledge Base

You can manually upload content using the Excel template in the Knowledge Base. When you select the ‘Upload Content’ button you will have the opportunity to download the template. 

This template is spreadsheet with Question, Response, and optional Tag(s) as well as optional columns where other information such as Original Created date can be entered. 

Once the upload is filled out, save it and then use the Upload Content page to browse out, select and upload it in just a few seconds. 

As with any knowledge, once you add content it is available for your team members to use. 

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