How do I search for past responses?

It happens to all of us.  We get similar or even repeat questions. Luckily, there is the RFP360 knowledge library for you to query and use in just a couple of clicks. 

When you are working in a proposal and want to respond to a question, click into the response box beneath the question (or on the question itself). This activates the Action Menu off to the right with a tab that automatically tees up matching responses. 

The Knowledge Base tab shows the relevant content for the question you are working on as well as a Search bar you can type directly into with keywords to make your search more precise. 

You can also refine your search using the advanced search options. When you find what you want, click on the response and it will be appended to the response.

Advanced TipWhen you click on a Question, the system immediately looks for similar Questions in your knowledge library. If you type into the search box on the right-hand side, we then immediately look into both Questions and Responses. 

The Advance Search option looks like this. 

If there are multiple responses that might work for your question and you need to take a closer look, you can always click the Details button, which will open up the full response for you the view with a lot of metadata about that particular question such as the last date updated and which other Proposals it has been used in. 

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