How are users notified?

Users are notified via email for specific reasons: Invitations, Task Notifications, Task Reminders, and Message Notification


Users can be invited by Administrators and Managers. Invitations from RFP360 are emailed to the new users, prompting them to set up and confirm their password.

Task Notifications

Users are notified via email when tasks have been assigned to them. This prompts them to sign into RFP360 and review what has been assigned and when it is due. Users can, of course, select NOT to receive these notifications, but we don’t really recommend that as your team could be waiting for you.

If you assign tasks to yourself, you don’t get email notifications. But you will be notified if you don’t complete your own tasks by the due date.

Task Reminders

Users are also notified of incomplete tasks on the date they are due.

Message Notification

Within a proposal, team members can blast a message to all team members. All team members get an email with the notification and link to visit the proposal.

For RFPs issued through RFP360, messages can be sent to RFP Points of Contact (POC). So RFP issuers can create a dialog with specific respondents or with all respondent POCs. 

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