How do I assign Proposal tasks to team members?

In a proposal, when you click on a Section or Question, you will see a panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

You can set default writers at the section level or individually at the question level. If you have been assigned a writing task and you are not the correct person, you can use the drop-down menu to reassign the task.

Assign approver

Just like writers, approvers can be assigned as default at the section level or individually at the question level. Use the drop-down menu to alter approvers if you need to.

Due dates

By default, the due date is set as the Proposal Due Date when the proposal was created. But you can use the calendar drop-down to edit those dates. Perhaps you want to be more aggressive with certain team members.


When a task is assigned to a writer, an email is generated by RFP360 to alert the resource that a task has been assigned to them. This alert service runs at the top of every hour, so you will not bombard writers with new task emails.

When a writer clicks ‘Mark as Complete’ the task is then pushed over to the approver. When the notification service runs next (at the top of every hour) the approver will get an email alerting them of this required action. The approver can Accept or Reject the response. 

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