Getting Started - evaluating vendors with RFP360

Do you need to buy something large, strategic, or maybe you just want the best deal? Are you a consultant who needs to "shop around" for your client and find them the best fit? 

It is time to issue an RFP or RFI to potential vendors/suppliers.

You can create your RFP in RFP360, gather proposals, and evaluate those proposals. The major steps are below:

1. Draft your RFP
. This may be influenced by stakeholders you work with, clients you have, or templates you regularly use. Read about creating a new RFP. As you draft, you'll create Sections and Questions

2. Add team members. If you need others to help you write the RFP or score proposals that come in, add them through the Users page. Read about adding users

3. Configure your scoring team and section weights. The weighted scoring algorithm behind the scenes will help you make the right decision, based on your criteria. Read about adding scorers
Note: Read more about weighted scoring

4. Add your intended recipients. You can individually add or upload contacts who will be getting invitations to participate. Read about inviting recipients/contact

5. Approve all of the sections of your RFP. Once all sections are approved, you can publish to your recipients. 
Publish your RFP. You'll confirm the due date and other summary information. Emails to your recipients will be auto-generated. 

6. Gather responses. Your proposers will be engaged in the system and you can track their progress. 
Message with your proposers. You can have conversations about individual RFP questions through the messaging feature in RFP360. You can push out the due date if you need to, or issue an addendum with more information

7. Score responses. Once the due date hits, the submitted proposals will be available for your scoring team to review and evaluate. You can check the progress of your internal team, and you'll have plenty of data to back up your recommendation.

8. Negotiate with bidders individually by pushing back on their answers. You can have conversations around those responses, with the individual bidders. They'll be prompted to resubmit individual responses. 

9. Export all of the supporting information for decision making and archival. You can Export your event and then Close it out to prevent changes and notify vendors of next steps. 

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