How do I access my proposal tasks?

When you come out to the RFP360 home page, you'll see your tasks (if you have any) in the right-hand panel.

Per the picture below, this user has a few tasks in different states (Not Started, In Progress, and Pending Approval).

If you want to see a quick task list, just click on the list icon in the top-right part of the box. If you click on the task you'll be taken directly to that question/response. 

There is also a Tasks page that has this information in an easy to read format with Filtering options as well. The Tasks page can be accessed by clicking on Tasks icon on the left-hand navigational panel. Use filters to view tasks based on proposal status, client, created date, etc.

Each of the Tasks listed is a hyperlink that can be clicked on and the user will be taken directly into that question to answer or approve that question. 

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