Can I hide the scoring criteria from respondents?

While we do not necessarily endorse this, we understand that not everyone wants their respondents to see how they will be judged on an RFP. 

By default, in RFP360, the responding organizations can see the weight for each section and question. We feel this is important for fairness and transparency. As a vendor, I like to see what sections and questions are more important than others. 

However, if you want to hide the scoring criteria from your respondents, you can do so in a couple of different ways. 

The first is when setting up your RFP, you can make updates from the Details page:

The ability to Hide scoring criteria from vendors is towards the bottom:

What if I want to hide scoring from vendors on all of our projects?

Another option you have is to make this change from the account level (as an Administrator) so it serves as the default for RFP/Profile sent out to Vendors. 

This may be done under Accounts in the upper right-hand corner, selecting the appropriate account, and clicking the Settings tab:

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