How do I create a Template from an RFP?

To save quite a bit of time, you can create a template from an RFP in a state that's past the Approval stage.  

Simply click on your RFP/RFI list on your home page where it shows the number of Open RFPs. Once your RFP/RFI opens up, click on the Configure button up top, and then the Details option from the drop-down menu that will open the page you see below. Once on this page, you will see two options off in the Action Panel off to the right. Select Library, verify the information contained in the Description area and then click "Create RFP Template" at the bottom of the panel. 

To verify that your template was saved appropriately, click on the Library icon on the left-hand side of your page and Templates. Your newly created template will appear in the alphabetized list.

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