How do I copy an existing RFP or Profile?

Another time saver is using an existing RFP you may have worked on prior to copy and create a new one.  Why reinvent the wheel if you don't need to? 

The steps are almost the same as setting up a new RFP or Profile. Start in either your RFP page or your Profile page,  then click on the orange button in the upper right corner, New RFP.

The view below will open and you'll have several fields to fill out with the details of your project including whether or not you want to score your new RFP. 

Just like you've done before when authoring a new RFP, fill in the blanks on this page and click on forward to the next pages.

Likewise, the General Information page will need filled out and then you'll click on to be taken to additional choices. 

Here you'll select an existing project vs. a blank RFP.  Choose the RFP you wish to copy from the drop down menu and click Create your RFP at the bottom of the page to finish.  

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