Can I edit my Vendor's Profiles?

Sometimes your Vendors may come back to you with questions about a Profile they're working on.  Maybe they need you to add clarification to something or even change the Question type such as an attachment or adding in a Comments section you didn't think they'd need when writing your Profile. 

Great news!  Regardless of the stage of your Profile, you can always take your Profile "offline" for a short bit, make your changes, notify your Vendors and send it right back out to them in no time. 

Select Profiles from the main Action Pane off to the left, then click on the Profile you want to edit. 

Next the RFP Dashboard will appear and you can click on the grey tile, which can be Write or View depending again on the phase of your Profile. 

The Profile Outline will open.  Select which Section and Question you wish to edit. This is usually done during the Draft stage, but can also be done after Publishing and even Awaiting Responses phase.  The EDIT button will be off to the upper right side of the Section, where your Writer and Approver initials and icons show. 

Next the Outline will change and show you that all the questions in that Section are now "Open for editing".  

And lastly, when you Approve your Section changes, RFP365 asks you if you want to notify your Vendors that you've made the changes, which you'll probably want to do so everyone has the chance to react and update the changes accordingly. 

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