How do I assign an RFP section to a writer?

When you are crafting an RFP, RFI, or a Profile, you can assign a writer (or approver) to a section. You might do this if you want a stakeholder to craft specific questions. 

For example:
  • A legal expert to craft contract/legal questions
  • A security expert to craft specific technical questions around software security
  • A business unit owner to craft specific business requirements
**Important Note**  writers and approvers first have to be added as Users in the system.  See this article on how to add a User if you need more information. 

After creating the Section, you can assign the Writer and Approver and update the section. You'll see the initials of the user updated in the upper right-hand corner of the Section.  You can also do these same steps if you need to change the writer or approver on an individual question. 

First, click on the grey WRITE tile on your RFP or Profile Dashboard to enter your RFP.  Squarely click your mouse on the Section Header, which will highlight it in grey.  Off to the right the Action Menu will appear where you can choose your writers or approvers from a drop-down list. 

Once you make all your Section selections, your team members will receive an email notification listing their tasks, either writing or approving in the RFP. 

If you assign out a Section to a writer and you are the approver, when the writer finishes and marks the Section as complete, you'll be notified (via email) that the Section is ready for your approval. 

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