How do I configure RFP scoring?

When you setup Sections and Questions, you can set weights for the Weighted Scoring algorithm.

Read more: What is Weighted Scoring?

You can set weights for Sections and Question.

For a Section, just click on the Section you want to work on and you'll see the slider on the right-hand side. You can adjust it from 0-100. In the picture below, you can also see that the individual Questions in that Section have weights (between 0 and 5). 

You can even provide additional information to your Vendors and Scorers. What is the difference?
  • Vendor Help Text provides additional information below the Question. Maybe you want to tell them about some assumptions.
  • Scoring Help Text gives your evaluators some assistance. Maybe you want to tell your evaluators that 'a low price is better' or 'look for historical success metrics'. 
In the example below, Section II Question 2 is set up for a text-based response. You can change the weight (priority) of the Question using the slider on the right-hand side. 

Note: When we are asking questions like: What is the name of your solution or What is your address, we typically do not want to evaluate those responses. So we set the priority/weight to 0. 

To your Vendors responding to the RFP, if you have included help for them within a Question, it looks like this:

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