Can I assign a question to a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

Often certain questions will need to be sent to a SME to provide an added level of expertise. Perhaps you have a technical team that helps you respond to System Security questions or a legal department that provides answers about State or Federal regulations.  

It's easy to send a specific question to a SME. They do not even need to have an account, they will receive an email notification asking for their expertise that will take them directly into the question to provide their answer. 

To assign a question to a Subject Matter Expert, click inside the answer section of the question you need answered in your RFP. Off to the right of the page, the Action Menu populates. Click on Workflow, the center tab option, then "Ask an Expert" down at the bottom of the menu. 

Another text box will open to be completed with information such as email of the SME and deadline dates you can set. The SME will receive a notification that contains the question immediately. 

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