Issues with saving or duplicating text in the text field?

In the fall of 2016 some users experienced issues with either saving the text they've entered, or seeing duplicates of the information they've entered.  In addition, some of the entries or response fields were greyed out, unable to edit. 

These issues were browser/cache related and have been seen in both Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Since then the issue has been resolved, however:

If you experience this same scenario, place please follow these instructions if you use:

1. Open Chrome tab:
2. In the address bar enter chrome://settings/
3. Click the show advanced settings... link
4. Click the Clear browsing data... button
5. Make sure the checkbox next to Cached images and files is checked
6. Click the Clear browsing data button.

To clear your cache, see the instructions here

Internet Explorer 10+:
Log out of RFP365
Shut down your browser
Relaunch IE
Hit F5 to refresh the browser 

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