How do I build a custom report in Consolidated Reporting?

There are several options to choose from when designing a Vendor report.  

The first step is to choose the responses from either a prior RFP or Vendor Profile that you've already set up, then whether or not you'll include a specific Tag or Section from that RFP or  Profile.  Both have drop-down menus of the previous projects. 

In this example we're using a previous RFP. 

Then, we're looking for specific answers within particular Sections of our chosen RFP. 

Next we'll select the vendors whose answers we want to include in our report, or maybe we'd like to see all our vendors to compare side by side. 

Next, click on Generate Report, which will display our information in the preview pane at the bottom of our page.  You can also download the report if you need an XL sheet to print out. 

The Report can be Saved for future reference, or additional Filters can also be applied. 

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