How do I create a table to use in my RFP for my vendors to fill out?

If you would like to populate a question with a table for your vendors, so they can provide multiple answers in one concise, convenient way, you have the option of creating a table. Tables are helpful for answers such as fee schedules, pricing, organizational charts or any content that needs multiple columns and rows. They can be as simple or as complex as you prefer.

Tables are saved in your Library. Click on New Table to begin. 

Here is an example of a completed table. You have the option to add rows and/or columns. You can also title each column and guide your Vendors' answers by asking them to Provide Information or Prompt Response in the field that they are to complete. You can also update your table and even preview it as you go along. 

Once you start a new Table, you will need to fill out the following fields. Click on Create Table to proceed. 

For each column, you will need to provide a Header Name or title, then choose whether or not they need to Provide Information or Prompt them for a specific response such as a currency, a date or a number. 

Add rows and columns as you see fit and then update your Table. 

When the Prompt Response button is selected, you are presented with the options of how you want your Vendors to fill out their answers in each cell. 

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