What is the Proposal Dashboard?

RFP360 makes managing and viewing the overall progress of a Proposal easier.

Now everyone on the team can see the details of the Proposal, its overall progress, their individual tasks status and other important data all in one place, providing greater visibility and accountability. 

To access the Proposal Dashboard, once you've selected your Proposal, there will be new icons/selection buttons in the upper right-hand corner, including:

1. KnowlEDGE- A auto answer tool to use to answer your questions

2. Outline - the master, default view of the Proposal

3. Details - which includes the core information such as Point of Contact and Proposal Deadline

4. Dashboard - one click to access this powerful, high-level overview

5. Export - when you have completed your Proposal and are ready to Export out into Word or XL to submit

6. Messages - message individuals or the whole team regarding the Proposal and never have to search through your emails again

7. Tour of the Dashboard

The top portion of the Dashboard provides the Proposal Details and a Completion Progress graphic of Writers and Approvers' progress by day. The Donut Charts at the top of the page provide color-coded visuals detailing the % of completion in each category. Important information at a glance. 

The lower section of the Dashboard contains the running list of an individual's tasks, graphs for progress by Writer and Approver(s), a log of any group Messages, responses from any SMEs you may have sent a question or section to, and a Real Time activity log of all your team's activities. 

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