What is this new RFP Dashboard?

We just made managing and navigating through your RFP easier. 

The Dashboard is dynamic, meaning options and icons will change according to which stage you and your team are in during the RFP or Profile process. One simple click on the colorful tiles, and you'll be taken in to the stage or process directly.  No more drop-down menus or hidden options such as scoring pages, it's all laid out in real time for you and your team 

Here is an example of the icons that show up when an RFP is still in the Draft  stage:  Notice that not all icons are active. Every step has to be completed before proceeding on to the next. 

This screenshot is after we've chosen our vendors, they've answered and we're at the beginning of the Scoring process. 

There are other sections on the Dashboard, such as the Invited Vendors Status, where you can dynamically see who's accepted and even responded to your RFP.

You can also quickly see the scoring progress of your team and which vendors they are scoring higher with charts and graphs.

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