What's in my Library and how do I use it?

The RFP360 Library is exactly what it sounds like-  a handy repository of the building blocks you can use to quickly build your RFPs.  

The Library consists of:

Templates -  could be thought of as the structure behind your RFP, the Sections and Questions you can use over and over to start a new RFP. 

Sections - smaller pieces that include mostly standard questions you can use in any combination to also build an RFP without having to recreate the wheel each time. 

Lists - specifically for those drop-down type questions you need your vendor to answer.  Lists can be anything from the simple Yes, No options to more complex offerings like "check all that apply" type answers.  This helps lock in the type of answer you're looking for vs. more open, rambling text answers. 

Tables -  build custom multi-row and multi-column Tables that require specific answers to a series of questions, like pricing or fee schedules. 

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