How do I fill out the Excel upload template for a new Proposal?

When you create a proposal within RFP360, we always advise you to import the original RFP into the system if it is a Word, PDF or Excel file if possible. However, if you need to create a blank proposal and wish to use our bulk upload section feature, click on "Add a Section" at the bottom left-hand side of the proposal outline page. Next, click "Upload from Excel" and download the blank spreadsheet template. 

You can include
  • Sections
  • Sub-Sections
  • All the questions for each Section, and 
  • Configure the type of answer your client is looking for (like drop-down menus choices)

Your drop-down choices will be included in the upload. Once in the system, you can choose the appropriate drop-down selection and include your comments. Both your answer choice and comments export.


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