How can I tell how much Scoring I have done and how much I have left to do?

RFP365 has made it even easier to gauge your scoring progress. We have added a scoring progress bar which tells you both the percentage completed that also changes colors as you complete Scoring tasks. To kick off the Scoring process for everyone, the POC for the RFP can set up their team from the Dashboard by clicking on Add Scorers, which will take you to the following pages. Once the team is set up, each member can click on the Score RFP tab and get to work. This will take you into the Scoring page, where the options are to: 1. Score by Vendor, which shows you their submissions on the whole page for you to scroll down 2. Score by Section, which shows all Vendors and you can score side by side. As you score each question, your progress is monitored by a progress bar on the lower right-hand side of the page. When you have completed all Sections, it will give you a Completed message and green check mark. Congratulations!

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