How do I initiate a new Proposal using my Salesforce integration?

If you have the RFP365 Salesforce integration, it's very easy to create a new Proposal directly in RFP365 from an Opportunity you can create in Salesforce. 

**Important Note**  creating a new Proposal are for those who are responding  to a client's RFP using RFP365, not issuing or publishing an RFP out to prospective vendors**

Once you have created your Opportunity, it will show in your Opportunities menu, generally at the top of the account's page. Click on the Opportunities. 

Next you'll be taken to the middle of your Safesforce page where you can select the Opportunity to open it up.  Within the chosen Opportunity there will be a hyperlink to Create a new Proposal.  Once you click that link you'll be taken directly into RFP365 to the Create a Proposal page.  It's that easy! 

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