How do I create placeholder text in the Knowledge Base?

Placeholder text explained:

If you happen to have content that you need to have replaced per proposal you should consider placeholder text to be your tool of choice.

Examples of content that could be differing per proposal are:

Go to your Knowledge Base

You can manage your placeholders from two areas but the most encompassing way is to work within the Knowledge Base to be deployed across all of your proposals when Placeholders are used in a particular response.

Go to your Knowledge Base and either ADD CONTENT or find a CONTENT RECORD that you believe would have a variety of answers per proposal.

Once you have opened your question/response pair. Select the text that you prefer to turn into a Placeholder. You'll notice that to the far right of the toolbar are two arrows pointing both ways. This is your `Create Placeholder` option. Press it!

You will next get a pop-up asking what you would like to replace your original selected text with your desired placeholder:

Once you press create, you will now see the placeholder take the place of the original text as {{POINT OF CONTACT}}. This means every time you initially use this Knowledge in a proposal you will be first prompted to choose where your {{POINT OF CONTACT}} is per that proposal.

Fast forward into answering a Proposal where a related question is asked

We will use a different placeholder: {{PHONE NUMBER}} for this particular example:

Get prompted for particular Placeholder(s) that are associated with that Response if this is your initial time using that particular Placeholder in this Proposal. Enter your placeholder text and press MAP PLACEHOLDERS (or decide to not use that knowledge):

And then there it is! Your Placeholder text has been replaced with the appropriate text for this proposal. If you happen to want to make a change to a particular Placeholder or see which ones are active for this Proposal. You can do that within the Details tab.

Once you have dropped your Placeholder into place you can edit them or delete them from the Details tab.* 

*NOTE: any Updates taken here only work from that point forward. They do not at this time replace prior Placeholders retroactively.*

Feel free to add in Placeholders as you go Proposal specific and be sure to update. Every time you utilize a Knowledge Base response from that point forward - that Placeholder will be shifted into place.

Always be sure to UPDATE PROPOSAL when you are done making your changes within the Details tab.

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