How do I create a formatting style for a proposal export?

If you are a Manager or Administrator you have the ability to create a style from a few different areas that will affect exports for Sections, Sub Sections (1-4), Questions, Responses, Table Text, and Table Borders.

** Important Note***  Styles and templates have two separate functionalities (for more on Templates check out this link).  If you've uploaded a company Word template, that will help you determine whether or not you might need additional formatting and Styles.  

Our Word Templates are limited to Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3 only, so if there's a need to add some formatting to a Sub-Section for example or to make your responses in the RFP stand out with its own unique format and its not any of your existing Headings, RFP360 makes it easy to create a new Style, and use it in tandem with your Word template for finished project that gives you what you want upon export. 

To get started go to your Accounts page (accessible by Administrators and Managers):

Choose where you would like the formatting style to live:

Once inside of the desired Account you will see that a Styles tab is an option. Select this tab to create your style. You'll be prompted with a button if you have no existing styles to Create Your First Style and/or A New Style button is also always present near the top right corner of the screen - so click either to get presented with this screen:

Choose your Style's name that will be present within your export options and begin to choose your desired formatting.

The following attributes are available, see image below:

  • Nearly 200 font types are available to choose from
  • Point font sizes from 12 pt to 36 pt
  • Bolding
  • Italicizing
  • Color in Hex code (external link to Hex code resource
  • Table Border point size from 1 to 5
  • Styles come in "sets", meaning even if one font or formatting option is changed, your export will inherit all of the other options, chosen or default. 
There is also another way to format a style for a Proposal!! 
You can now match the names of the styles from your templated document with those in RFP360. 

For example, if I use Calibri Light, font size 16, and that style is called "Heading 1," 

All you have to do is type that name into RFP360, and when you export out your finished proposal, your questions will all be formatted that way. 

**Important Note** only a handful of font types will show in the browser preview like Arial, Courier, Georgia, Verdana, etc. They will work in regards to your Word Document (.docx) export in the chosen font type. So, do not be alarmed if you see a more default looking text font type than what you have chosen.

While you are working through the various options listed above, you can feel free to Preview at any point by Downloading a Preview through the link located near SAVE STYLE. You will get a .zip file that will include a preview of each Section, Sub Section, Question, Response, and Table as it relates back to the current formatting.

When you believe everything looks as you prefer, be sure to complete the process by pressing SAVE STYLE. 


Additionally, you can create a Style on the fly during the Export process if you wish.

This occurs when you are in a Proposal. Go to the Export tab and create a new Proposal Export. Choose your desired template if you do not want the Default one. If you do not have a particular style in the drop-down list of Style options. Then choose Add Style to activate a modal that is similar to the last image above for choosing your style formats for Section, Sub Sections, Questions, Responses, Table Text, and Table Border. Be sure to save your style when you are done. Feel free to Preview what the Template and Style will do, then choose Export Proposal when you are ready to export your hard work!

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