We use our own templates. How will they work with the Styles option?

If you are one of many that has been using your own customized Word Templates for your Exports, you'll need to be aware of a couple of things going forward now that we've added the new Styles options.  

Your Export page shows you a preview of your Format

It will clearly indicate which Exports are Word and which ones are Excel with recognizable icons. 

Styles are Optional! Use a Template if you prefer. 

If you have a set Word Template you've added to your account that you use and really like, you don't HAVE to use the Styles option and change anything.  When you Export, there will always be the option to change your formatting using the new Styles option "on the fly", or just use the Word Template you've been using all along. 

When you click on the orange NEW EXPORT option on the right of the page, it presents you a couple different ways to format your Word Export.  

If you uploaded your Proposal in Word or PDF format you can choose to Export it out in the original format that your client gave you and not mess with Styles. 

If you want to use one of your default Templates, choose one from your drop-down list.  

If you want to assign your styles, fonts, colors and which Sections or Questions they apply to, use the Add Styles option. 

For more information on what Styles are and how to set them up, see this Help article: http://help.rfp365.com/knowledgebase/articles/1200862
Important Note:  If you set up and save a new Styles option, but also use it with your Template (for logos, headers or footers for example), your Template Formats (Headings 1,2,3) take precidence unless you change them.  

What does this mean?  Your general formatting such as logos, cover pages, headers, footers and the like remain the same, as will your fonts.  If you want to change just one font in your Template, such as the answers you provided to better highlight them, you'll need to go in and first define all your attributes of Styles at once and save it as your new Styles. 

Also to note, Styles come in sets. So even if you change just one Section's fonts and colors for example, the rest of the default Styles will be inherited by your document.  

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