Can I move around questions within my RFP while I'm drafting it?

A lot can change as you're writing your RFP or Profile.  Additional information may be requested from your clients or last-minute changes just might make better sense. The good news is RFP365 gives you lots of fluid editing possibilities before Publication. 

First access your RFP Dashboard and click on the grey Write tile to open up your RFP or Profile's Outline. 

Go to your RFP/Profile Outline view:

Once you are in the outline of an RFP or Profile that has not yet been published you can put your cursor over the question number to have a four-way arrow icon appear. 

Once it does you can then drag-and-drop your question either up to the first spot or last spot in the Section or anywhere in-between.

And then there it is. The question has been moved!

If you happen to want to move a question from one section to another section, please check out this help article: How do I move a question from one section to another?

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