What if my response is rejected by the issuing vendor?

If an issuing company rejects one or more of the responses that you submitted within a proposal, you will receive an email notification. To view the message, click "See the Message," or click on the blue hyperlink.

You will then be taken to the message board. Click "Reply to Trial Administrator" to respond to the message, or click on the blue hyperlink to view the rejected response. 

If you click on the blue hyperlink from the message board, or on the proposal itself, you will see the rejected response section highlighted in red. There will also be an "R" icon to the right of the question to indicate that the response has been rejected.

Click on the question(s) that have been rejected to edit your response. Clicking on the question will also open up a blue ribbon on the right-hand side of the question, which will allow you to use content from the Knowledge Base to update your response, assign writers and approvers and view the response details. 

Click on the "Details" tab to add internal comments, or ask the RFP Issuer a question/clarify information for them.

Once the response has been updated and approved, click "Save & Complete."

This will lock the question, and your response will be submitted to the RFP Issuer. You will not be able to edit the response after that point unless that issuer rejects the response again.

Once you refresh your page after submitting all revised responses, you will no longer see any sections highlighted in red. If the RFP Issuer does not reject your revised response, your work is done!

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